If you are operating a radio in the aviation environment, you need an aircraft radio operator’s certificate (AROC). An AROC is an essential component of a UAV controller’s certificate or remote pilot licence (RePL), as well as being very useful for people that mayn’t need or hold an actual pilot’s licence but are planning to work in aviation. Airport security, truck drivers, ambulance dispatchers, and so on – if you are going to talk on the aviation radio, you need an AROC. Helitheory has developed its own unique, CASA-approved AROC course and we believe that we have the most thorough course available – you will leave this course well versed in aircraft radio techniques and confident to speak on the radio in what can be a daunting environment. Not only that, you will leave the course knowing how airspace is laid out, how to read charts and maps, how to find appropriate radio frequencies, and much, much more besides. We have a version of the course that has been especially designed with drone controllers in mind, as it hopes to de-mystify what can be a confusing aviation environment. Don’t be afraid to use the radio. Come and do a course with Helitheory. Course duration is one full day including materials, written, oral and practical testing, and english language proficiency assessment. There is no pre-reading or work required before commencing the course. We will do your english language proficiency testing at the same time. If you are a native english speaker, once you have done our training the ELP testing should be very easy. If you are not a native english speaker, send us an email to discuss your options. Cost is $495 including CASA fees